We bloom your business based on insights.

Digital Marketing Strategy

In order to develop a successful digital strategy, we need insight into your business, the market, the audience, and the competition. For that reason, our preliminary service is performing an in-depth competitive analysis and market research, followed by a customized digital marketing strategy.

Creativity / Content Creation

At Digital Bloom, we pay attention to every detail of your communications to give your content a coherent tone that reinforces your branding through engagement. From design templates and blog posts, to illustrations and video content: every outlet contributes to the bigger message of your product/service.

Community Management

When customers comment, tweet, post, and share, it’s important to have someone ready to respond and engage with them quickly and enthusiastically. In platforms like Instagram, social interaction is a MUST in order to gain loyal followers. We do data mining to attract the best followers and we constantly analyze to create a loyal fan base.

Monitoring & Analytics

Social media is crowded. It’s competitive. It’s essential to test and track your results so that we can identify the most effective strategies – which is why social media analytics are so important. Each client’s strategy and needs are very different, thus we make sure to analyze social media statistics in details, and to share these numbers with our clients in the most simple way. are these numbers with our clients in the most simple way.

Email Marketing

We custom tailor your marketing communication strategy based on your objective - whether it’s to contact prospective clients, enhance the company/customer relationship, encourage repeat business, or send compelling advertisements.

Social Contests

From the idea to the technical development, management and advertising, we create engaging contests that serve your company’s unique needs. In order to achieve more participation and acquire leads, contests are an essential tool on social media.

Paid Media: Social & Google

In order to reach your audience, Google ads and social ads are your allies. A successful campaign requires highly-targeted insights, imaginative copy and zen-like patience to A/B test everything. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the grunt work and return to you with the results.


At Digital Bloom, we use SEO to build trust with your audience. We embed your brand in the search engines they trust, with the keywords and terms they’re searching for.