Our mission.

Digital Bloom was born with a clear goal: to help cultural and creative industries transmit their message/product/service successfully, transforming visitors into loyal customers. Most companies struggle to understand that social media is no longer a megaphone for their brand, and that today’s consumer wants to connect with a brand on a highly personal level. At Digital Bloom, we know that creating engaging narratives through content (graphic, video, email marketing) is the key to success and we have the experience and expertise to do it above and beyond.

Álex Gargallo is the founder and digital strategist of Digital Bloom, a full-service digital marketing agency. Her career began in film production where she worked for a number of big name audiovisual companies, but her discovered passion for storytelling, communication and design led her into digital marketing. Before Digital Bloom, she was the general manager of TheLineBtwn, where she led award-winning social media campaigns and consulted dozens of businesses and creative companies, especially those entering the US market. She took her contacts, vision and passion, and launched Digital Bloom in 2018.